Haji Saat As-saad has been involved in massaging for more than 20 years. He has been working as a part-time masseur in Singapore hotels since 1985. The traditional skills of massaging were passed down from his grandfather. Knowledge were also gained from renowned traditional gurus in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Saat also learnt the ways of the Foot Reflexology, Shiatsu (Traditional Japanese Massage) and the Finger Pressure (Chinese traditional Massage) in the course of his practice.

He is also a qualified practitioner in Swedish Massage where he was founded by Gymnastic Coach Mr Peter Henrik Ling. Swedish massage is made up of a combination of the Greek, Egyptian, Roman and Chinese massage methods. This Massage incidentally is becoming an important subject in most colleges in United States. One of the method which he very fond of introducing is the Java traditional Massage and also one in which he strongly advocates to his clients.

Saat has earned numerous certificates in massaging from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and also America. These testimonials are the best indicator of his superiority in the subject. The company "Treat & Cure Traditional Massage" was registered in 14/8/1998 with 52873860K as it's registration number. The salon is presently located at his residence in Toa Payoh.

We Specialize in: JAVANESE TRADITIONAL MASSAGE, Sports Injuries, Relaxation Massage, After Birth Confiment, Stress Relief & Blood Circulation, INNOVATIVE BEKAM (CUPPING)
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